tough mudder

I'd never done a 5k (or even just a 1k!), and I'd certainly never participated in a Mudder or mud run before -- let alone combining the two at the same time! As the days progressed, I couldn't understand what had possessed me to sign up for this fiasco waiting to happen.
Not sure if I'm ready for this challenge this year, but it is on my bucket list for 2017. It was a great event and fun to
Since we are already in the midst of the gift-giving season, I won't bore you with a guide for the 'sexy man' or your 'pregnant sister'. I'm sure you've gotten those gifts already, and I commend you for being an early shopper. If your anything, like me, you still have people on your list that need gifts.
Follow the arc of Jamie's diet and exercise regimen and it may remind you of someone you know, perhaps even yourself.
Running the inaugural Urban Mudder was like treating myself to an elaborate 3-course meal at a fancy restaurant. And man, was it delicious!
Tough Mudder se ha ganado a pulso el calificativo de la carrera con obstáculos más difícil del mundo. Fuego, agua, barrancos
Do you have any unique hobbies or ways that you spend your downtime? I unicycle, which is also a lot of fun, and I play the
Tough Mudder really matches a personality. You're both obviously outgoing and adventurous if you're willing to sign up for
For those athletes who are not pro, but wouldn't turn down a green backs for racing well, here are eight of the richest endurance races that can still be won by a non-card carrying pro athlete!
Watch the full HuffPost Live interview with Will Dean below: He said more than 70 safety personnel are on site at every event