tower of terror

The California landmark is about to look scary different. 🙈
Dreaming of a trip to Tokyo? Cherry blossoms, Ginza, Harajuku, the temples and shrines, Cos Play posers and that psychedelic Robot Restaurants you've heard so much about... You're not the only one. Tokyo is a top destination for Japanese travelers, too.
It's this skillful mix of special effects, music, storytelling and ride systems that has made Mystic Manor the talk of the themed entertainment industry ever since this new HKDL attraction first opened back on May 17, 2013.
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The day started with another ride on a C-130 transport plane, which included a rapid descent (3,200 feet per minute) that brought our stomachs into our throats.
Disneyland has defended their response time and says that they are "taking the mater seriously" and working with police. A