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Town & Country Magazine uninvited Monica Lewinsky from an event because of Bill Clinton’s attendance.
"Every single interviewer asked, 'Isn't this an amazing time for women in comedy?'"
I grew up in a family of hunters. My grandfather on my dad's side owned a sporting goods store and amassed a large gun collection that included several Walker-model Colt revolvers, the weapon the Texas Rangers used to tame the west before the Civil War, and a pistol with a provenance that included the outlaw Jesse James.
The science is clear; Children begin learning from birth, developing their vision, hearing, language, and cognitive functions very fast in the early years of life and especially in the first year (as seen below).
Snowbound in the Big Apple? Try a bite of your favorite Warren Beatty flicks. Get out your DVD collection or surf Netflix. Here are mine. Agree or disagree. What are yours?
The socialites warmly welcomed the war hero; in turn, he found solace in a milieu antithetical to the hell of war.
To relieve your stress and assist in selecting the perfect gift, I enlisted a few of my fabulous girlfriends including; Star Jones, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Kym Gold, LaTanya Richardson Jackson, Sunny Hostin, Dr. Margena Christian and Peggy VanDeweghe.
Scott Eastwood, the 27-year-old offspring of Clint and flight attendant Jaclyn Reeves, smolders in the October 2013 issue of Town & Country magazine in a nautical-themed spread. The young hunk appears shirtless in the sun-drenched editorial photographed by Noe DeWitt.
Scott first started modeling in college, according to Interview magazine, and then switched over to acting. He made appearances
Michael is no stranger to taking on challenges that benefit the community. In 2010, Michael led the turnaround recapitalization
What sets the members of this list apart is an enduring legacy, Murphy notes: The Obamas may be the first family of the United
Unbridled. Uncensored. Unfiltered. And at times, unpleasant. I know it's very "old media" of me to admit this, but I am often unnerved by the lack of civility on the Web.