town hall debate

Children can thaw the iciest of souls and bring the most unlikely people together.
I don't know about you, but I found that so-called town hall debate the most difficult one to watch.
Those who viewed the debate through the lens of rhetorical craftsmanship will have noticed that neither candidate took the
Forget Candy Crowley or Martha Raddatz -- the breakout TV stars of the presidential election have turned out to be the so
I would like to believe that overall the televised presidential debates are helpful for America's voters. For some, no doubt they are. But for many, that's questionable. As one acquaintance put it in an email on Wednesday, "both acted like big immature babies." At best, that's hardly "presidential."
Nobody cares how he did it. The main thing is: Obama got his mojo back. He remojoed. The Major Mojo Mofo no longer runs in Slo-Mo. He was focused, energized and seemed determined to not let the challenger go all Joe Frazier on his butt again.
With so much emphasis and analysis devoted to physicality and candidates' personal space at the town hall presidential debate
Hear what else veterans had to say in the clip above, or watch the full segment below. After the debate, HuffPost Live's
Breakthrough investigative journalism has uncovered several more binders that inform and help define the Romney candidacy. Sources tell me that these collections represent campaign policy bibles that shape major points of the Romney platform.
Axelrod, who forms one-third of the New Jersey trio that created the petition calling for a woman to moderate
After two debates with almost no mention of women—even the abortion question in the vice presidential debate framed the issue
Last night's debate wasn't about how Obama performed on America's biggest stage; it was about how he had always performed on its smallest.
At stake tonight was whether the audience thought that President Barack Obama cared more about ordinary Americans than Mitt Romney, known for his extraordinary wealth and promotion of tax cuts for the wealthy.
If campaigns are about generating votes and televised debates reveal the true candidate, for the first time America may have seen a glimpse of the real fire inside both of these men in contrast from what we have seen before.
A musical mashup in tribute to Mitt Romney's search for women, and finding them in binders.
Mitt Romney didn't let the debate moderator slow him down in the first presidential debate. In the second debate Tuesday
Mitt Romney wasn't the only one who blatantly disregarded debate moderator Candy Crowley at Tuesday night's presidential
After tonight, the final presidential debate will be on Monday in Florida, focusing on foreign policy. Take a look back at
While Barack Obama and Mitt Romney will undoubtedly be attempting to win undecided voters around the country at tonight's
By hosting this last debate on a college campus, the campaigners were dramatically reminded that the nation's future is currently attending class.