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Grassley is holding 16 private question-and-answer events during the Senate's spring recess.
Anyone who runs for President is driven in large part by ego. But Christie doesn't respect the voters, and believes that every time he has the podium it is time to tell you about himself and his "you-may-not-like-me-but-I'm-telling-the-truth" uniqueness.
It’s becoming a ritual of the congressional recess for Republicans: At town halls, and other venues, frustrated (or angry
Tea Party Republicans had a huge hit with their rage against Obamacare. Read more on The Daily Beast
Looking forward to the midterm elections, the Republican party is seeking to repeat the dramatic performance of 2010 that
Rep. Dan Webster (R-Fla.) confronted some unruly crowd members who mocked his remarks on health care at a meeting Thursday
Ewbank begins by pointing to a bombshell Reuters report earlier this month, which found that a Drug Enforcement Administration
The comment came as Rohrabacher, addressing the group UNITE OC in Costa Mesa, was answering a question about the United States
Ever since 2009, political junkies have turned their attentions outside the beltway each August, watching to see whether
Pittenger went on to explain why he thought the shutdown threat was in vain, noting that any effort to stop Obamacare would
Republicans were going to spend August talking up their own theme of "Fighting Washington." Obama has undercut this theme in a big way already -- by pointing out that anyone in Congress is not just part of Washington, but in fact they are failing miserably.
Typically, when re-drawing boundaries, legislators -- local, state and federal -- create districts and then present them to the public as a final product. My colleagues and I desired a more open process.
These days, self-government is under assault. Unfortunately, a minority faction is overtaking town halls around the nation and suppressing any discussion at all. In the Bay Area the problem is particularly acute.
While McCain said he understood the desire to avoid the "despicable" people who disrupt town halls, he said the decision
By the DCCC's count, there have been nearly 60 reported confrontations or protests by upset constituents. By other progressive
Phillips also criticized Chabot Wednesday, writing in a blog post, "Chabot is a moron. First, you cannot confiscate the property
WASHINGTON -- Confronting mounting pressure and protests, Rep. Chip Cravaack (R-Minn.) has agreed to hold a public town hall
A spokesman for Ryan did not respond to requests for comment. Staffers for Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) called police on Thursday
House Speaker John Boehner and Minnesota Rep. Erik Paulsen held a $10,000-a-person golf outing. (Lunch but no golf with both