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Police in Towson, Maryland, said the woman isn't facing a criminal investigation, but they want her to stop her third-party propositioning.
On left, Jordan Matelsky, Chief Technology Officer, and on right, Seal-Bin Han, Chief Executive Officer. Photos: FitMango
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I was awarded more scholarship money than the cost of attendance, and as a result, received refund checks back each semester, totaling over $10,000 in the last two years of my college career.
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Limited press access to the president and White House events is an important issue that goes right to the heart of America's democratic principles.
Through this video, these Towson University students encourage others to embrace and celebrate the differences among them that bring them together. Towson students have spoken and have taken their own stand. Now, what will be yours?
The white student union, founded recently at Georgia State University (GSU) in Atlanta by student Patrick Sharp, 18, is intended to "provide a place for like-minded White students to come together and not only celebrate their common European/Euro-American cultures, but to discuss issues that affect white people in the world today," according to its website.
When it comes to racial issues or issues of equality, there is still a lot of work to be done. The racial divide is slowly fading, but the line still exists in many communities across America. The White Student Union reminds us of this divide.
Clearly whiteness exists and it needs to be brought to a level of consciousness so everyone can see the true struggle of the Caucasian race. Like I said earlier, this special group of white men needs your help. Will you stand in solidarity?
The group, started by Towson senior Matthew Heimbach, has sparked a debate about the balance between students' First Amendment
"The rhetoric used to justify the YWC and now the White Student Union is just a means to legitimate open hate speech on the
The Baltimore Sun reports: “We essentially want to replicate what every student union does on campus,” Heimbach, a senior
Queer Voices
I feel that Southern queers could learn a thing or two about understanding privilege that many of them enjoy. Working on other issues that aren't necessarily "gay issues" may actually help to bridge whatever perceived divides there are between people of color and white gay folks.
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According to a statement on the site's About page, these last two features distinguish Before I Graduate College from other
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