toxic algae

Dozens of manatees and hundreds of sea turtles have died in the longest-running red tide outbreak since 2006.
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While the fundamental causes of coastal algal blooms are well understood, there is considerable uncertainty about the details
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The danger from climate change is not in some remote future: it's here, it's now, and our generation, not some vague "future generation" is in serious, serious trouble.
To prevent problems like this from happening year after year, we need stronger safeguards to crack down on pollution from industrial agriculture. The Ohio legislature last year took the long overdue step of banning application of manure on frozen ground. That's a start.
Several rowing groups said they would immediately return to the water after the warning was lifted, although the DragonSports
"No matter how you look at it, all things happening with climate change are favoring these blooms," he said. Several factors
The 2011 bloom "was a significant one in Lake Erie and I agree that it is unlikely to be unique," said Jan Ciborowski, a
The 30 bottles of pre-French Revolution champagne recently recovered from the bottom of the Baltic Sea were a pretty awesome