toxic chemicals

The EPA is expected to sign off on four new chemicals in the PFAS family, even as concerns mount about their devastating health effects.
Toxic chemical fumes may be the cause of the mysterious lung illnesses linked to vaping.
The health assessment that apparently was completed months ago concerns formaldehyde.
Federal officials have launched a safety probe after Sgt. Greg Meagher's death.
Our public policy to adapt to climate change and mitigate its causes needs to be based on an understanding of scientific
For a cruise ship line, the ocean should be seen as a vital business asset. As vast as the ocean seems, it is wise to not
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While it's a long way to Election Day in an election year characterized by unpredictability, there is a reasonable chance
In a dangerous world, we must be vigilant in the face of evil, but we must also do our best to reduce self-inflicted wounds. We must also do a better job of detoxifying our technology.
Long ago, I learned that "the only one who likes change is a baby with a wet diaper." We buy the same products with the same
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In his presentation, Pizzorno then described a mathematical model he and his team built for predicting the "attributable
A professor of mine at the University of Michigan Law School once said that problems become more solvable when people lower their voices and work things out.
Over one night in December 1984, the people of Bhopal became the victims of the worst industrial disaster in history. Over the following decades, they became the victims of corporate neglect, as the pesticide plant made infamous by the gas disaster leached toxins into their drinking water.
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Frantz wants to see immediate action because he sees the use of glyphosate as outright poisoning of our food and soil. "By
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