toxic friendship

I've always wondered how you could be a good friend, set boundaries, and still be connected meaningfully to the people you care for -- even if they have a tough time caring for themselves.
So, parents, if you see these things happening within your teens' friendships we do not recommend that you coerce your teens
If you can't do this yourself and continue to feel depressed and overwhelmed, you may need to speak to a mental health professional
Good listening seeks to understand, but it is not always silent, and it does not automatically dismiss accountability. As a result, it is decidedly not what some people are looking for: a toxic dump site.
It's difficult to return home and pick up all the threads that were there when you left. You're also missing the structure
Everyone has someone they can't be friends with.
Lindsay Lohan needs all the advice she can get. As the star gets ready to serve time behind bars -- she has until July 20
Dear Irene, ANSWER Best, Irene I'm having a difficult time moving on after ending a toxic friendship. I began distancing
If you're thinking about shifts in your friendships and wondering if one has become toxic, I offer you these signs that it's time to let the relationship go.
I admit it: I have a friend that I'm afraid to totally ditch for fear she'll do something nasty to me. OK, now your turn: You have toxic friendships, I know you do. It's time to admit it--and figure out why.
The colloquial term "frenemy" was coined to describe a complicated relationship wherein a person causes a friend such pain
Yes, there are some cases when close friends need to cut a little slack. Could it be that your friendship feels burdensome and painful because your friend is depressed?
Dear Irene, I have experienced a catastrophic rift with my friend of over 10 years. This Thursday, there's a joint birthday party for two mutual friends. We have both RSVP'd. What do I do?