toxic people

Therapists share six types of trash people you need to distance yourself from, stat.
Follow these steps to protect yourself from negativity.
Follow these steps to protect yourself from negativity.
Do you have a toxic person in your life? Draining, non-supportive and difficult people are one of life's greatest challenges. In this post, I want to talk about how you can spot, stop and deal with the toxic people who come into your life.
The cool thing about this process is now you have a way to recognize the ones who truly are toxic and the ones who we just need to put a little distance between us and them. You can boot someone off forever.
The Person With Whom You've Had A Falling Out "These kind of relationships can be devastating," Harry Reis, Ph.D., a social
Those with healthy boundaries know their limits and are able to express themselves with quiet strength and authority.
Miley Cyrus probably thinks her massive tongue shtick is sexy. It rather looks like a mutant lizard's tongue.  "Walmart is
These friendships aren't as healthy as they might seem
You're in dating hell when you lose yourself, play yourself, bankrupt yourself and sacrifice yourself for someone who couldn't care less. Here, then are five character types to avoid.
Spirituality is not about becoming the person that you are supposed to be, or about doing the "spiritual" thing. To be spiritual is to compassionately welcome your truth -- what you actually feel -- whether you like that truth or not.
As one of my favorite manifesting teachers, Neville Goddard, asks: "What thoughts are you 'consenting' to?" I love that he used the word "consent," because it describes the active role each of us has with our thoughts, as author of our mental habits.
I don't exactly know what to take from this story. Maybe it's how vulnerable we all are to those we love, how a break-up doesn't have to be with a lover to knock the bejeezus out of you.
My mind wanders and twitches from one topic to another, buzzing and gurgling with things to do, people to see, wisps of possibilities for the future and images of the past.