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toxic waste

Following major hurricanes in the past, the Carolina waterways have carried toxic farm waste into local water supplies.
The EPA is monitoring Superfund sites in the event of flooding.
How can we be sure that dangerous chemicals aren't being released into water sources, the earth, or our food crops, whether by accident or carelessness?
Every piece of clothing we buy has had an impact on our planet before we even bring it home.
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When we fail to fight one injustice, we often fail to overcome any of them. It's time the environmental movement revitalize its commitment to justice as a core component of its mission.
Texaco argued for a decade in US Federal Court in New York that Ecuador was the proper venue for the case and agreed that
How to help? Unfortunately, neither SB 426 or HB 11 appears to be going anywhere anytime soon. The prior bill has not made
As our communities have gotten more crowded and transportation become more congested, it has become more difficult to site major facilities for waste management, water supply, sewage treatment, mass transit, and pretty much anything from a Big Box store to a homeless shelter.
An interactive map created by media artist Brooke Singer shows the 1,300-plus toxic sites scattered across the U.S.
Should crimes against the environment and animals be addressed by an international criminal code and prosecuted by an international tribunal, particularly if national courts are unwilling, unable or deemed inadequate?
Mystery and intrigue may be synonymous with the city of Venice, but the latest imbroglio between politicians and preservationists there seems a little more ham-handed.
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"Prolonged exposure got many men killed / There's children born being seriously ill."
Our regulation of toxic substances is based largely on ignorance and is inadequate and idiotic. The costs of testing for harm are not negligible, but are far lower than the cost of paying for toxic clean-up or for the cost of health care for those exposed to poison.
Your iPhone isn't biodegradable. Here's where it goes when you don't recycle it properly.
First we're told that money = speech, now we're told speaking out is against the law. If you're not worried about what Donny Rico is talking about, you "damn well should be!"