Toxic workplace

The shock jock thinks the daytime talk show host would be best served by casting her "Queen of Nice" image aside for good.
The internal investigation follows accusations of a toxic work environment that included racism and intimidation, Variety reported.
Cast and crew spoke out against Peter Lenkov, who was recently fired by CBS for creating a toxic work environment.
"I was not prepared to deal with predatory behavior ranging from overt assault to casual verbal misogyny."
• Generation Y and Z er's are more laid back than their predecessors the Baby Boomers and Generation X. Work is a part of
Not surprisingly, we found that workplaces that provide an environment where employees can thrive and grow in their careers
True story: I was once part of a toxic team at work. I was negative and complained a lot. I barely slept. I was constantly in fear of looking stupid. The office felt like a black hole. I was stuck. Now that I'm out on the other side I know that challenge was designed to teach me the most important lesson of my life.
A senior executive of a large corporation once told me, "This is a paranoid culture. We want people to feel that someone's always looking over their shoulder, ready to catch them on something. That's what keeps them sharp." But does it?