toy guns

* * * This post originally appeared on Gays With Kids. ARGUMENT #4: If we outlaw toy guns, every other object -- from cheese
There's a stark difference between raising white American children and black American children.
Walmart, Amazon and Sears agreed to a settlement.
A bold move in a country awash with weapons.
The recent bill passed by the House of Representatives that bans toy guns--but not daddy guns--within 150 feet of a school is just the latest government intrusion on our freedoms, but this time it's personal.
A gun isn’t a toy, except when it is. And when it is, sometimes it’s hard to tell that it isn’t. And when you can’t tell
Black children are not afforded the privilege of engaging in normal child-like behavior because black bodies are characterized with unwarranted threat.
School administrators suspended two Boston-area high school students after photos surfaced of them posing with Airsoft rifles.
Oklahoma Lawmaker Proposes 'Common Sense' Rules For Toy Guns
Giving a child a gun as a toy doesn't demystify the object, as some claim. It actually normalizes it, to the extent that they possibly will not recognize the immensity of the difference between a play-gun and a real-gun.