Toya Graham

Toya Graham, who smacked her son for participating in the Freddie Gray riots, is now trying to raise money.
When I see the video of panic-stricken Toya Graham, I see myself, and all the other Black mothers who are desperate to keep our children physically, spiritually and emotionally safe in a society that doesn't honor their childhood. It's a special desperation known mostly by the oppressed.
The widespread acclaim for Toya Graham is similar to what surrounded the "hug shared around the world" last December. Following
Hold it, Ed. Here comes your mom.
[Graham] wasn't concerned that she might be embarrassing her son. "Not at all," Toya Graham told CNN's "Anderson Cooper 360
The media were joined by black male authority figures in celebrating Graham's discipline of her son -- part of a ritual in
Graham said she earned praise from some of her son’s Facebook friends who applauded her actions. After arriving home from