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When it comes to rental cars, I’m picky. I like mine newish, but not brand new, roomy but not oversized, and stylish without
Buying a car is an important decision and one that tends to be based on the answers to a multitude of questions. How well does the car handle while driving off road? What type of city and highway mileage can I expect? What is the size and performance capabilities of the engine?
These photos will make you want to drop everything and drive.
The carmaker plans to transition to hybrid and fuel cell vehicles.
Our society is disconnected. Is that the independence our founding forefather's sought? Was the goal to reject the monarchy
Tax credits, low emissions and super high mpg are all worthy goals, but in the end, it's all about the price. Lower the price and sell more cars -- in this case, it's just that simple.
Ciertamente, hay muchas razones detrás de la popularidad del Prius. Tiene una increíble eficiencia de combustible, es un vehículo agradable de conducir, y tiene un inmejorable valor de reventa. Que mas puede pedir.
Then Toyota’s wireless charging system will probably interest you. Regardless of which manufacturer comes out with the technology
The success of Obama's green program depends on how closely the auto industry sticks to the spirit, as well as the letter, of the rules it negotiated with the administration.
toyota prius Ciertamente, hay muchas razones detrás de la popularidad de este Toyota. En primer lugar es su increíble eficiencia de combustible. Sin embargo, también es un vehículo agradable de conducir.
I sided with Germany when I was 16 and with Japan by my late-20s. Their vehicles were simply superior to American ones in most every way. I now side with America for the first time, having recently purchased my first American car.
In at least two states, Kansas and Arizona, damaging bills have been either voted down or withdrawn. But in cases like these, can we really declare victory for clean energy when all we've done is successfully defend what we already have?
From EarthTechling's Nino Marchetti: Of course one can’t speak to the environmental benefits of the Prius without looking
If you've rejected hybrids, electric vehicles and diesels because of cost, weird driving dynamics or unusual styling, you may be running out of excuses.
AUTOMÓVILES DEPORTIVOS: Scion FR-S ($25,025) y Subaru BRZ ($27,117). Codesarrollados entre Subaru y Toyota, dos modelos divertidos
When people are forced to follow the rules, a lot of them refuse to budge or push back. However, if the issue can be reframed, shall we say, the regulations could be a lot more effective.
TOKYO, Nov 14 (Reuters) - Toyota Motor Corp will recall about 2.77 million vehicles worldwide, including the Prius hybrid