Maria Fuentes, who has a temporary protected status visa, serves and cleans up after the men and women who want to see her thrown out of the country.
Ending Temporary Protected Status for this already wounded community will hurt them now, and for years to come.
Despite the many ties between the U.S. and Venezuela, the political crisis and influx of Venezuelans has gotten surprisingly little attention in Washington.
Charter schools are not a cure-all. In general, their highly variable performance tends to mirror, and in some instance lags, that of public schools.
Seven years ago, Garcia and her husband, Abel, applied for Temporary Protection Status, a distinction given to immigrants
The blueprint for 'recovery,' refined in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, is a well-worn design that revolves around tourism, cheap labor and the exploitation of natural resources.
I encourage Haitians to claim their identity as the posterity of the first black republic, not as descendants of the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. It is not political strength, hurricanes, or earthquakes that define us.
In responding to the tragedy in Haiti, President Obama wasted no time in initiating one of the largest humanitarian mobilizations in U.S. history.