tracey gold

It was "very difficult" to film, she says.
"I felt like my silence in that moment was not beneficial."
Christopher Knight talks to Ricky about why his marriage to Adrianne Curry didn't work.
Most people probably think of Etsy as a place to find a "Parks & Rec" needlepoints or a bicycle charm for their antique bracelet
Carnie struggled to keep up with Tracey's strictly regimented and controlled household. At the couples' meeting at the end
The film is scheduled to debut in 2012. Gold can currently be seen on "Starving Secrets With Tracey Gold," a Lifetime reality
Is this really "free" treatment? Or is it exploitation of ill people which risks harm to the patient and to the majority of people who will not receive this exposure?
Altogether, the series, hosted by former child actress Tracey Gold and premiering tonight on Lifetime, sounds like a spectacularly bad idea.