tracey stewart

A warm and gentle guide,"Do Unto Animals" aims to make your relationship with animals intense and wonderful, too. You don't have to share a home with 17 of them to make a difference.
Catching up with the author, mother and animal advocate.
In the fall of 1995, I met the man of my dreams. The only problem was, he had a cat. To protect this cat's identity, let's call him Stanley. Now, I want to be clear: I love cats, but my allergies do not, and I was confident that bouts of hives and phlegm were no way to start a relationship.
"There are people out there who like me too much, and there are people out there that hate me too much."
Farm Sanctuary spokesperson Meredith Turner couldn't give The Huffington Post many details about the Stewarts' reported farm
Being vegan myself, I think it can only benefit others to at least ponder what life would be like on a diet filled with fewer animal products.
Last month my husband and I welcomed a very special delivery from Farm Sanctuary. We were honored by having two awesome rescue sheep named after us!! Jon and Tracey were rescued from a neglected home in Upstate New York along with their friend, Louise.
I imagined how much better my life would be with my sister-wife Martha by my side. Our bed sheets ironed and folded into hospital corners; a perfectly labeled food pantry. Surely, these advantages would outweigh the awkwardness that might arise at bedtime.
Parenting has given me so many gifts. The gift of never being certain that there is one right way to do anything has been a profound one.