The "small positive effect" of U.S. tariffs was more than offset by rising import costs and retaliatory tariffs, their paper concludes.
Introducing "Trade Daddy" Chen Biao, your new favorite "Weekend Update" guest.
President Donald Trump also delayed a planned tariff hike on Chinese imports this week in a conciliatory gesture.
Asked during the G-7 summit whether he had regrets over the ongoing trade dispute, the president said: "I have second thoughts about everything."
President Trump is using different tactics to pursue similar, troubling goals.
There's no mention of it in State Department declaration, and Mexican officials told Bloomberg News they were not aware of it.
“Mutual respect, win-win solutions. These are things they want to hear, and they’re not hearing those,” the former secretary of state said at Houston conference.
Some in the party of free trade are embracing the idea of imposing tariffs on Mexico.
Some GOP senators are warning the president he could face a veto override on his trade plans for Mexico.
The president has demanded that Democrats approve his trade deal with Canada and Mexico before passing any bipartisan infrastructure bill.