trade deficit

Trade wars are not so easy to win after all. The president's much-touted tariffs haven't helped furious steelworkers hang on to their jobs.
The gap is expected to grow even more despite penalties on billions of dollars of Chinese goods.
The president hasn't really done anything on trade.
Fundamentally, if you want to do something about the trade balance, it's problematic to focus on profits, rather than imports and exports themselves.
Opening up trade with China cost the U.S. 3.4 million jobs, according to a new report.
1. This argument assumes currency values are set in a freely floating market. This is massively false today. Currency values
Never have I seen a political issue so susceptible to tricky conceptual sleight-of-hand and weasel arguments as America's
It seems Crazy Billionaire has said we do, and he's not allowed to be right about anything. Instead, the correct solution
Environmental and labor protections are just a smokescreen for the true purpose of the TPP.
While many working people would agree that recent trade deals have not benefited them, they have good cause to be skeptical about Trump's get tough promises.