trade promotion authority

They're tired of the most conservative members of their party setting the agenda.
The problem with Cruz's position is not that it's philosophically incoherent. On free trade, as on any other issue, one can be in favor of a thing and yet oppose a specific proposal to implement it. It's no different than being generically in favor of a strong defense, but against a particular weapons program. The problem is that Cruz has been flippy and disingenuous about it.
Rep. Earl Blumenauer of Oregon sits down with Huffington Post's Mike McAuliff to talk about the controversial trade deal, and he makes a case for why America might need it.
Here's the real message behind the congressional votes on fast-track authority and trade-adjustment assistance: Democrats will no longer support major trade agreements that cost American jobs and create further downward pressure on wages, especially as inequality continues to accelerate.
President Barack Obama personally whipped votes in Congress to pass the fast-track trade bill, despite staunch opposition
I tried to stay emotionally distanced from this one. It didn't work. When the White House and Republican leaders got the votes they needed in the Senate to advance "fast track" Trade Promotion Authority on Tuesday, June 23, it was crushing.
Murphy is among three younger Democratic senators currently pushing for a more progressive approach to foreign policy. They
Obama has aggressively pushed back against his critics, particularly Warren, calling TPP "the most progressive trade deal
Pelosi and a majority of House Democrats oppose fast-track, as well as the massive trade deals that the administration is
The Senate on Tuesday handed President Barack Obama the biggest legislative victory of his second term, with a dramatic vote clearing the way for major trade agreements with Pacific Rim nations and the European Union.
Murray, on her way to the Senate floor, told reporters she'd been given assurances by McConnell and Boehner that Congress
American workers and American manufacturers don't oppose trade. They can compete on a level playing field with anyone in the world. But the current trade regime, swept in without serious analysis on the back of Fast Track authority, has failed to provide a level playing field.
To make sure it happens, the White House, McConnell and Boehner are sending out assurance after assurance that they will
When the Senate passed fast track last month and it was combined with TAA, it got 62 votes -- just over the 60-vote threshold
“I don’t see a path right now for TAA,” Pelosi told reporters when asked whether she thought it would make it through Congress
All we really need to know is that passing H.R. 1314 essentially puts the omnibus, 29-chapter Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement onto the fast track, where Congress members don't get a chance to deliberate or discuss it on the floor of the House.
Republicans had hoped to advance the fast-track bill by combining it with TAA. But when House Democrats rejected that deal
"We are committed to ensuring both TPA and TAA get votes in the House and Senate and are sent to the President for signature
Days after the House dealt a setback to President Barack Obama’s trade agenda, GOP leadership is considering plowing ahead with stand-alone legislation that would give the president so-called fast-track authority to shepherd trade deals through Congress.