trade war

The president defended his escalating trade dispute with China "whether it’s good for our country or bad for our country short term."
President Donald Trump declared himself “the Chosen One,” while defending his administration’s decision to continue the trade war with China.
Farmers were unsettled after Trump official Sonny Perdue mocked them as “whiners” amid trade war bankruptcies.
"Trump is ruining our markets," said a North Dakota farmer. Another criticized the president's "constant escalation and antagonism."
The program is "not delivering aid" to smaller family farms in "desperate need," says an adviser to Environmental Working Group, which crunched the numbers.
The Fox News host also warned American consumers to get ready to pay for the president's all-out trade war with China.
“Don’t let anyone tell you that we’re paying. We’re not paying," he insisted. Yes we are.
Negotiations are "back on track," Trump tells reporters in Osaka.
Business sector warns Trump that his tariffs are hurting jobs and millions of American consumers.
He gloated China's economy has lost up to $20 trillion in value since his election. If true, that would have wiped China off the economic map.
"Late Show" host mocks the president's claims about his hard-fought agreement with Mexico.
The 5% tax on all Mexican goods was supposed to begin Monday, but Trump reached an agreement with Mexico to reduce illegal immigration.
The "Late Show" host says Trump's GOP allies are flirting with a relationship that could go all the way.
USDA’s bailout program for farmers sends abundant meat, vegetables and fruits to feed low-income Americans.
The alert comes as trade war tensions have risen between the two nations.
"If you are in the market for a car, you’re going to have to delay your purchase or you’re going to have to go to used."
Such a move could set up a rare clash between the president and his party.
You could pay more for guacamole and margaritas if President Donald Trump follows through on his threat to raise tariffs on Mexican imports if Mexico can’t stop the flow of immigrants coming into the United States.
Pain caused by the trade war Trump started with China already is landing hardest on his voters.