The singer is suing the retail chain for using imagery from her album and song “Thank U Next" in order to “create the false perception of her endorsement.”
And you thought the Ivy League was pretentious.
The justices ruled in favor of a designer whose clothing brand name FUCT was turned down.
Her son's name is trademarked for all kinds of goods and services, including baby products, toys and even chopsticks.
Disney is being accused of cultural appropriation for trademarking “Hakuna Matata.”
Disney is facing backlash for trademarking “Hakuna Matata.”
The president's daughter and senior adviser nears a deal that raises more questions about how the Trumps mix private business with White House work.
For many, the fast-food chain Aloha Poke Co.'s cease-and-desist demands are an attack on Hawaiian culture.
Donald Trump's presidential campaign committee is still trying to trademark a phrase from "The Purge." Yes, this is real.
The trademark approvals raise new concerns about potential Trump family conflicts of interest.