President Joe Biden is bringing back a presidential tradition by taking his dogs, Major and Champ, to the White House.
Once considered a Christmas classic, ‘Baby, It’s Cold Outside’ is now recognized as an incredibly problematic song. So why are people trying to rehabilitate it?
Donald Trump got political at the presidential turkey pardon -- because of course he did.
Here are just some of the many ways Asians across the world celebrate Lunar New Year.
By the end of that evening, we all left cherishing what a special time we'd shared and wishing that there were more spaces
Please send your comments to and follow me on Twitter @JoyDryerPhD PEACE? The mountains behind my house
When you're single, no kids, lighting the Hanukkah menorah at home alone can be a bummer, especially if you hoped that by
As with all future predictions, no one really knows the answer to this question. However, without the shopping, it would
Because of my relationship with Hanukkah, when a friend recently asked me if it was OK for Jewish people to like Christmas
Lyrics for the famous lullaby Rock-a-bye Baby were first printed in 1765 in Mother Goose's Melody. Various legends attribute
We live in a time where political correctness has diminished the authentic joy of the Christmas season.
Each of these families made decisions that feel right for them for this year. The diversity in their choices illustrates
For some, the weekend brings 48-hours of adventure and exploration with friends and family. For others, the weekend is packed
I've heard from a lot of friends and colleagues lately who aren't where they want to be in life. I'm glad I'm their friend and that I have chance to help give them strength and perspective to remind them of who they are.
Every guide dreams of having his or her group enjoy the happy moment when the farmers bring their cows down from the high
Although I've been home from Bali several weeks, I keep dreaming I'm there...the sounds, the smells, images of the people wash over me:
Owoicho Apochi Nelson and Judith Sambe, Youth-LEAD (Youth Leadership Empowerment and Attitude Development), Adoka, Nigeria
What of the Qur'an teaching: Say [Oh Muhammad]: "O followers of earlier revelation! Come unto that tenet which we and you
We want to have heroes, and we want to remember the good times, but the times our Bible discusses were not idyllic, not even really good.
The app also features mini-games to play with people you connect with, making it easy to dissolve awkwardness and have fun