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We found out we were pregnant with our first child just five months after getting married, three days before my husband's birthday, and the day AFTER Mother's Day.
My initiation into Nova Nation began on April 1, 1985. I was awoken by my father's screams and the spray of the champagne. It was April Fools' Day, but the celebratory wake-up call was no joke: Villanova had just upset the Georgetown Hoyas for the coveted NCAA men's basketball title.
1. St. Patrick By Rebecca Endicott, writer at LittleThings 8. Parades and Parties In fact, here in America, we're actually
- Off to the side of the altar is a doorway leading to a small prayer room with a wall of cast off crutches, and an entrance
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I'm not sure exactly what it will look like yet. I don't know exactly what our traditions will be. But I do know I'll be working on figuring it out until I am able to give my children memories that they will cherish one day as well. I think I know how to start: by surrounding my family with the people we hold dearest.