Traffic backed up as the seemingly neverending queue of more than 40 ducks just kept coming.
Doing so should be "based on the security circumstances, not your dinner schedule," said Sen. Brian Schatz.
Meet your dream car. It's also your dream flying machine.
Karen's life changed in February of 2007 when she was driving on the Interstate in Tampa, Florida. Without warning, a drunk
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Recent events have you feeling down? Think the news will never get better? Believe our country is headed for certain doom? I'm confident we can fix it.
A cherished right for Oregonians, or an environmental and safety nuisance?
Tip #3: Think differently. In the same 2014 study that followed the veterans for 20 years, the researchers found that it
5. Practice daily. 5 minutes of meditation a day, whether in the car, in the shower, or while in bed is all it takes. The
In mid-December of 2015, I leave New York to go to Istanbul for the holidays. It doesn't take long before I'm sucked into the stress that comes with being a Turkish citizen who's living in Turkey.
Walk back to the hotel to freshen up, then hop an Uber five minutes down the road to the Arts District to check out the galleries
GPS for the Soul
As I hurried back to my car, I expected the wrath of DMV rush hour commuters (there's no wrath quite like it) to descend upon me in a fury of honks and expletives -- or worse! But to my surprise, there was absolute silence. Every car that passed slowly by rolled down their window to say "thank you", or give a silent thumbs up.
Good News
Historical references to the stop sign have been noted in more than 27 civilizations, most notably Babylonia, Egypt, Mesopotamia