Traffic collision

The golfing legend crashed his car in Los Angeles three weeks ago.
An SUV crashed with a big rig in Imperial County.
Joseph Flavill, who has had COVID-19 twice, was hit by a car at the outset of the pandemic.
The former congressman was in stable condition after having been airlifted to a hospital, according to his Facebook page.
The girls' father, Corey Simmons, 47, died when the vehicle with his daughters in the backseat crashed Friday evening.
The college student was driving home from a Halloween event when she crashed into a deer.
"I love your voice so much,” then-judge Steven Tyler told the singer at her audition.
The anchor and his family were involved in a weather-related car crash Monday while vacationing in Montana, according to a statement from Baier.
A surgeon, a criminologist and a transportation expert offer their theories.
The state lawmaker who defeated Rep. Mark Sanford in this month's GOP primary was in a car hit by a wrong-way driver.