Traffic congestion

The previously secret documents also warn of disease outbreaks, panic buying at supermarkets, and huge traffic jams if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.
A growing number of states are using changeable speed limits when there is stop-and-go traffic or inclement weather, but some critics view them as speed traps.
Air pollution is now our greatest environmental health threat, responsible for 7 million deaths worldwide each year. I say
The 2012 version of the Texas A&M Transportation Institute congestion report is out, and the news is basically that as the
The UMR went on to state that congestion in cities across the United States has remained relatively stable in recent years
Traffic policy is, admittedly, unsexy. But the potential for saving many billions of dollars and thousands of lives demands serious attention and action.
A proposed answer? Banning the construction of any more of them. And if Cresskill does ban the drive-thrus, it wouldn't be
Traffic isn't the only unusual indicator of an unhealthy economy, though. Others include a decrease in divorce rates and
In times past, Virginia named its roads after its heroes, which means the state has both a Booker T. Washington Highway and
At first blush, DATA seems like a recent idea. But after spending time at the THINK exhibit, you begin to understand that data isn't something that is created by computers. Rather, it's information made more useful by computers.
It is ironic that our region, the capital of the free world, suffers from world-class gridlock in the political process and on area roads.
The gridlock on the National Expressway 110, also referred to as the Beijing-Tibet expressway, began on August 14 due to
Holiday traffic always sucks. But perhaps, this Memorial Day, it's going to be even more challenging than normal. Read more
By charging drivers a fee for driving into the central business district, we can prevent crippling service cuts and ensure that the MTA has a stable source of revenue for years to come.