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Strangely Captivating Traffic Jam in Washington, D.C.
Strangely Captivating Traffic Jam in Washington, D.C.
I was waving my arms and jumping up and down like a game show contestant, shrieking "I'm right here!" into my cell phone. On the other end was a friend, driving up to my workplace to pick me up for lunch. He was a block away.
At the 0:39 mark, the jam session turns into a full-blown, impromptu party when the other drivers and passengers, start doing
In assessing the damage to a possible Christie 2016 candidacy, many are making the mistake of only looking at his chances in the general election. But to get to the general election, Christie has to win the Republican nomination. And the electorate for these primary contests is going to be radically different than the general election voting pool.
Certainly, Democrats are guilty of partisanship, but largely in response to the extremism of the right wing faction of the
What was most stunning about The Governor's prayerful pity party was that he spent two hours expressing incredulity and remorse because his staff and political henchmen and women lied to him. He was not chagrined that they lied to the people of New Jersey.
Mr. Obama, you are welcome to visit us any day and stay as long as you like, but PLEASE! NOT DURING RUSH HOUR(S)!!
Whether you live in Northern Virginia like me, New York, Nairobi, or Nice, road congestion and the ensuing traffic jams aren't just inconvenient; they can impede economic growth and impact the environment. Imagine how much more productive people are when they're not stuck in their cars or on the bus several hours per day. The good news is that help is on the way.
Traffic got you down? Perhaps it's time to adopt this technique, captured by a dash cam in Russia. While countless others
“Travel remains stop-and-go for a stretch of between 135 and 190 kilometers (84-118 miles) on M-10 in Tver Region. One lane
When a a multi-vehicle crash caused a serious traffic jam on a Louisiana highway on Wednesday morning, it also jammed up