Recent articles on bonded labor and human trafficking in India highlight the all too easily overlooked fact that democracies often sustain egregious human rights violations within their own borders.
Poor families in the Philippines push children to perform live sex online for pedophiles around the world.
My hat's off to Amnesty for having the guts to stand up and shout the truth. I hope that some day the state and federal governments in this country will listen.
Beyonce's label, Ivy Park, launched in collaboration with British fast fashion company Topshop, is quickly falling short of her stated goal to "celebrate every woman and the body she's in while always striving to be better".
Figures show "we are on the right track, but we are not still on the fast track."
There are no accurate figures, but many women and children are sold into child marriage or bonded labor.
"To address social problems, technology is not just nice to have, it is necessary."
The End Demand folks who are pushing this agenda are not concerned with the rights and safety of the women and men who sell sex; they are on some kind of high-minded moral crusade to "rescue" people who don't want or need to be rescued.
There could be no more urgent political or policy agenda. There are two global crises that are increasing exponentially in scale this year, trapped in a vicious reinforcing cycle, one making the other worse.
Wildlife groups say two federal agencies' promises of increased oversight don't go far enough.