trail running

“I love that I can wear them when I am running, coaching or out to brunch after a lunch run.”
Runner Patrick Cooper phoned his brother as the animal chased him.
If you’re an avid runner who’s looking for your next adventure run, then why not try hitting the trails? You’ve already exhausted
One obstacle runners will stumble upon is the unexpected DNF (did not finish). I have completed 13 ultras. I have had 4 DNFs. Each has taught me about humility, picking myself up and dusting myself off, persevering and plotting my next ultra. A DNF is not failure.
Last weekend, I participated in a Ragnar Trail Event in Zion, Utah. It was a beautiful spiritual experience, though you might not think about running or racing as "spiritual."
Three Utah trail running veterans recently invited me on a life-changing adventure: a 20-mile run/hike through Utah's Buckskin Gulch, the longest and most narrow slot canyon in the world, followed by a 15-mile hike through the lesser known Bull Valley Canyon.
Heading to the Big Apple? Sure, there are the must-see for any tourist, from The Empire State Building and The Statue of Liberty to the Museum of Modern Art and Central Park.
I knew running wasn't going to be possible for a long time after the cancer diagnosis last year. So my last 5k run was May 2014 with both my sons -- two weeks before my double mastectomy was scheduled...
A person (and in this case, a couple) must be fearless, strong and adventurous to willingly face such a challenge. Coincidentally, these are the same traits required of an entrepreneur.
This is not a race report. This is a tale that just happens to involve three races and three distinct moments that have cemented
It's fall, the light is pretty, and the air is crisp -- a perfect cocktail for exploring woods or hills. But remember, this isn't like pavement. Before you head out, heed these expert tips to avoid injury and fatigue.
Any fool can destroy trees. They cannot run away; and if they could, they would still be destroyed -- chased and hunted down
As the fall cross country and marathon season is quickly approaching, runners from all across the nation are trying to build the foundation that will take them to new personal records and successes.
What was I doing standing on the starting line of a 50-mile race? To be honest, that question never crossed my mind and I suppose if that seems like a logic question to ask then you probably don't understand why I stood there.
Falling in love with trail running inevitably led to a very valuable lesson, which is to not run by distance or by pace or even by time. To run when the body says run, to walk when the body says walk and never to stress about not completing a workout.
My favorite workouts involve hauling dirt and crossties, building a raised-bed garden, carrying lumber, digging holes and hammering nails for a deck and a pergola.
I wish that I could say that becoming an ultrarunner came with some poetic philosophical realization, and I'm sure there's a lesson to be found somewhere. But, I'm not going to dig for it. I'm just going to take a deep breath, and keep on putting one foot in front of the other.
Videographer Celin Serbo filmed, edited, and wrote the music for "Spring Trail Run," a video short that perfectly captures
Last week I set out with my partner to do a 20-mile trail run in the South Yuba River canyon, from Little Washington to Purdon Crossing.