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She played the classic rom-com "has-it-all-except-love" character in 2005's "Hitch," and she couldn't help tempting a married
As the Iowa Caucuses kick off the 2012 Presidential Election season in earnest, there is a palpable enthusiasm gap for voters
It's an age-old tale, with a sci-fi twist: Forbidden lovers, kept apart by interplanetary gravity, war and reality itself
The Prizzle is Rizzle. Eat your hizzart out, Bob Barker. As per his custom, it was a nice promotional opportunity for Mssr
Russell Brand, we presume, is very happy that the calendar has flipped past 2011. He didn't have a great year. His remake
Siri offers up iPhone users too lazy to use their fingers with information in a cool, clear, impassioned way, delivering
Prequel or not, the "Prometheus" trailer has landed. "I think Ridley really wanted to move the movie into more original territory
This summer, Andy Serkis leaped from tree to tree as a genius ape. Now, he's conquering the high seas as a drunken Scottish
Read on to find out just how much General Aladeen will miss his "dear friend" Kim Jong Il -- or, as he prefers to remember
The 1964 B-movie was named the Worst Christmas Movie of All Time by movie news and ticket portal, topping a
Brad Pitt turns 48 years old on Sunday, which to us underscores two things: One, the guy looks good for his age; and two
"Casa De Mi Padre" hits theaters March 16, 2012 The heart of the humor is simple: Ferrell speaking Spanish. "Casa De Mi Padre
Take a look at the trailer and let us know what you think of this fairytale revamp! ''Jack the Giant Killer'' hits theaters
Yes, that is Keira Knightley. And yes, that's Viggo Mortensen. The Oscar-nominated actors go early 20th century in "A Dangerous
He's already goofed the world with his characters on "Da Ali G Show," and caused cultural ruckuses with "Borat" and "Bruno