An early draft of his article explicitly suggested the killing of law professors.
Not to label it a leftover festival, but there is the sense that the movies in Tribeca have either already had their debut elsewhere or, more to the point, didn't have a debut elsewhere because they didn't make the cut. Still, I always enjoy the opportunity that Tribeca affords me as a critic and curator.
I came away from DIFF a believer in this as a film festival with a vision of the future of film, from the standpoint of aesthetics, technology and business.
This commentary continues on my website. Desperate, Malika takes a job that will earn her all the cash - but which could
Let's please start calling things -- and people -- by their right names. If your close personal relationship (speaking terms
Cornwell, now 79, allows himself a modest smile. He is, actually, an extremely modest man. With his latest book, his 22nd