Rachel: Who are your influences? Rachel: Do you have a day job? Does this affect your music? Morgane: It's the best thing
Compilation albums are a great way to receive a carefully selected dose of varying styles of music of any kind but are especially helpful with electronic music.
For those unfamiliar with the world of gaming, it may come as a shock to learn that video game soundtracks are actually a thing.
Watch as the music fan interprets the song, clearly eager to allow her friend to enjoy the concert experience with her. Like
The result is an affecting 12-track LP that amplifies the intensity of some of their most seminal hits ("Sun & Moon," "Thing
Above & Beyond have already found a great deal of success since performing acoustic versions of their songs live, but it's
As Above & Beyond ended the show, the screen flashed with their mantra "Life is made of small moments like these." One can't help but wonder if they're underselling themselves.
I remember the day, when I played for the Spring Awakening festival in Chicago last year, and like 10 minutes before going
I discovered trance by accident. I was at a bar with some friends, and "Intense" came on. The violin caught my attention, and it suddenly hit me: This is the structure of a baroque concerto. Bach's music and van Buuren's trance compositions are essentially the same thing.
With wavy purple hair, a discernable nose ring and a furry black coat, 20-year old Gabby stands out even when she's not in costume. But when she undergoes her colorful transformation every Friday night, the suburban Maryland native is sure to turn heads.