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CBS's "Clarice" will star Jen Richards, who has vowed to explore the "complicated legacy" of the original's serial killer through her role. The show begins Feb. 11.
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2015 was the year I came out and went full time. It was the year she did the same. While Caitlyn was giving her coming out interview with Dianne Sawyer, I had just spent that very same month coming out to friends, family, and my employer's HR / Management types. The same day that Caitlyn's Vanity fair cover dropped, I called a meeting with my employees to let them know I was about to go full time.
Teena's murder was a "seminal moment in our organized trans movement," Mara Keisling tells HuffPost Live.
At every LGBTQ training I give, people are the most interested in one thing: trans people. So what is transgender? It's a persistent feeling that your gender does not match the sex you were assigned at birth. Evidence leads us to believe we are about .5 percent of the population, or one in every 200 people.
Never before did I think that relieving myself of bodily waste was a radical act.