trans identity

Ultimately, I realized that in order to find my voice, I had to begin by decolonizing myself not just in how I present my black identity, but my trans identity as well. After coming to this realization, I decided to discontinue taking T after six months.
I thought if anyone knew my secret that I would have no future. The grand irony is that living authentically has opened doors I never thought possible. In this new era of trans visibility, no kid should ever have to erect their own fortress to hide who they are.
Consider yourself past the "transgender tipping point."
But the name and gender change process in the U.S. is complicated and expensive. Buchert said the updates to Ireland’s Gender
"I am out and proud of being trans," one interviewee notes in the above video. "T-R-A-N-S -- I'm trans! Get over it!" Others
I know there are plenty of people who, looking back at their younger selves, have had occasion to think, "Man, what you don't know could fill a book." However, I'm unique in that the book filled with the things I don't know is an actual book.
As I was coming out as trans*, every corner of cyberspace I turned to said I had to feel like a "boy stuck in a girl's body." Every documentary and TV show taught me that I had to harbor an intense hatred for my body being wrong. This is the normative transgender narrative, and I don't fit it.
On Saturday, the Chicago International Music and Movies Festival screened "Riot Acts: Flaunting Gender Deviance in Music