trans-pacific partnership

The so-called "new NAFTA" is mainly what Canada and Mexico agreed to in the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement -- which Trump threw out after taking office.
Trump pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership last year.
The president hasn't really done anything on trade.
“When the United States enters into a trading relationship with other countries or other peoples, we will from now on expect that our partners will faithfully follow the rules."
On his Asia trip, Trump is pitching the same trade benefits that were in the Trans-Pacific Partnership he professed to hate.
Parts of the scuttled Trans-Pacific Partnership will be a “starting point,” the commerce secretary said.
Rodrigo Zeidan, NYU Shanghai Free trade used to be a rallying cry for mainstream North American politicians. Back in the
Canadian markets being opened to Europe has taken on huge strategic importance now that a protectionist president is in power in the U.S.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe managed to be the first foreign leader to visit then president-elect Donald Trump last
In the case of trade, the public is onto the game. And elites are doubling down to hide the truth.
The people who think they were hurt by trade are right. It is the people who blame technology who are misinformed or worse.
Unless the US, which is the largest economy in the bloc, ratifies, it cannot. And, in this sense, the agreement is no longer
Do We Even Need "Trade Deals"? "1. Eliminate the private justice system for foreign investors. Proposals For A New Trade
“Great thing for the American worker,” Trump said as he signed the order on his third full day in office.