trans parents

Brochures, websites and PSAs promote the picture of a woman lovingly looking at her child as the baby suckles at her breast. The language accompanying this imagery is inevitably gendered, specific to cisgender women who are nursing a baby that they themselves gave birth to.
A family can be formed in an infinite number of ways. The special focused primarily on their role as parents and the ways
Below, meet four other inspiring parents who are living in their truth and raising children post-transition. MacDonald's
Trevor MacDonald joins HuffPost Live to talk about breast feeding his son as a trans father.
With Mothers Day 2013 approaching, the California-based nonprofit Forward Together has created a series of ecards that reflect the diversity of motherhood and parenting, a gesture that traditional Mother's Day cards have woefully ignored. Check out a slideshow of the beautiful cards.
With little sleep and lots of self-doubt, I have been trying to collect my thoughts on parenting and the many changes this little person has brought to my life in the five months since we met. In so many ways, being a parent reminds me of being trans.
He cared for me and my sister every day while my mom was at work. He encouraged us to be assertive and fearless tree climbers and communicators. And he taught us to be open-minded and accepting of others, because Dad was also transgender.