TransCanada Corporation

Officials say 9,700 barrels of oil leaked in the Nov. 16 spill. The original estimate was 5,000 barrels.
"First, he wants to get Shaheen-Portman to the floor. Democrats really want to legislate and move this bill, and a Keystone
TransCanada, the multinational corporation hoping to build the controversial northern half of the Keystone XL pipeline, spent over $280,000 on lobbying the U.S. government in the first quarter (Q1) of 2013, according to lobbying disclosure records.
Watching from a distance is hard. I'm on the move setting up our big roadshow assault on the fossil fuel industry, but the real action is in Texas, where a growing number of blockaders are trying to shut down work on the southern section of the Keystone Pipeline.
Kim Huynh, speaking for Friends of the Earth, accused the president of trying to have it both ways by touting his commitment
McMahon's office on Tuesday defended the language, arguing she is hardly alone in parroting TransCanada's numbers. The Keystone
It's time we stood up, all of us, to say we won't put the American heartland at risk for a project that would wed our future to the past. We won't keep pushing to the ends of the Earth to feed our addiction to oil.
Rosina Philippe While at White Earth, LaDuke offered hope in the guise of a prophecy. In a terrible disconnect, a third of