The "tumult and shouting" Ransom referenced takes on a considerably subtler form in 2017. Political and economic chaos might still abound, but lawyers continue to adapt as they deal with the technology of the times.
Alternately, I now work with teams that are presented with goals and are connected to the "why" story. We then move through
Jim Selman talks with award-winning producer Lauren Selman who happens to be his daughter.
De Brigard's study asked participants to respond to this dilemma: Assume that your life as you know it was the result of
My adult children do not want my advice. And in this period of transition, I'm not sure what they want.
Like Ebenezer, I can be transformed and I can do something. Instead of humbugging about the things I can't change, it's time
Here's an example: To help people find direction and make changes in therapy, I sometimes ask this "possibility question
These few effective life transforming tips will transform your life one smart decision at a time - if you take the action
This is why. Is there a way out? Absolutely! The first step is to become aware of the situation and realize it's reversible
The day becomes the evening and it is time for dinner, where guests gather in a beautiful open-air restaurant that serves
Elliot Kale Edmiston and Lauren Mitchell, The Trans Buddy Program, Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Transgender people seeking
Anger impacts our world, every day, in real and substantive ways. It is definitely in the air in this election season, isn't it? Like any engine of high energy it requires a steering wheel, governance, tempering it to be effective, not merely hot.
Benedicto H. Ntibikema, Rural Community Adaptation to Climate Change, Kasulu, Tanzania. Trainings in sustainable farming
Jose Luis Lopez Carlos, Nixtiquil Community Reforestation and Forest-Fires Project, Jalisco, Mexico Runinten, Preservation
For some, the weekend brings 48-hours of adventure and exploration with friends and family. For others, the weekend is packed
Are you inspired by these stories? Do you have an idea rooted in bringing peace and justice to all things? We accept grant
So, how can you stay committed to your projects, goals, and relationships with less struggle?
Imagine what your life would be like if all of the things that most of us take for granted were not there. Things like food, a functional bathroom, clean clothes, privacy, adequate heat in the cold of winter, a sense of physical and emotional security, and other ingredients that most of us consider the basics of living.
Doorae Shin and Joy Waters, VegFest Oahu, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. A free event addresses health and environmental issues while