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Transgender performance artist Zackary Drucker shares her favorite films.
We caught up with Freeland to discuss "Drunktown's Finest," how she found transgender actress Carmen Moore to star in the
The 2014 TriBeCa Film Festival has just concluded, and after an immense, fantastical, and tumultuous two weeks of Mala Mala's premiere. I'm still in shock.
We set out to tell a new kind of story with Mala Mala -- focusing on the humanity of Puerto Rico's trans and drag communities, breaking them free from any pre-prescribed binaries.
A compelling new documentary is currently engaged in a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of chronicling the life and experiences
This year has seen a steady stream of trans-focused independent documentaries illuminating how nuanced, flawed, individualistic, and human trans lives are. I spoke via email with several filmmakers to learn how they worked toward capturing rich portraits of trans folks.
Buck Angel, transgender porn star, filmmaker, speaker and transgender advocate, has released a new documentary titled “Mr
To call Kortney Ryan Ziegler a Renaissance man would almost be an understatement. He's an artist, filmmaker, writer, entrepreneur
This has been a notable year for transgender actors in film and on television. More films are being written and produced with transgender characters, and there is a willingness to hire trans actors to play these roles, including yours truly.