transgender media

This is why we need better trans representation in the media.
Go ahead, interview a trans person or two before you publish that story telling us how awful we are. I'm available. I'm happy to have a discussion, make a statement, clear the air.
Transgender people working in entertainment and journalism are changing representations of their community through their work. We talk to trans leaders in the media industry about their accomplishments and the challenges they face.
What do you think of Fox News' coverage of the transgender community? Leave your thoughts below. Aaron McQuade, Director
Why can we more easily acknowledge bullying of queer and trans youth when situated in reality but when the same bullying motives are masked through 'comedy' does their danger transform into something deemed uproariously funny?
Those who saw Ed Shultz's segment and took it as accurate and representative of the reality of transgender lives would likely be led to believe that all transgender people are gay, that being transgender is just another form of homosexuality.
As a reporter, I hope that new media will grow to encompass transgender and gender-variant expressions as varied as my own. Awareness of trans issues is expanding, and we deserve expansive news sources, too.