transgender parents

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I was 63-years-old and never could say the word out loud. I was afraid that if I dared to utter it -- if the word actually formed and left my lips, it would make it true -- and then -- my life would be over.
The Bowers represent a growing mainstream understanding of trans lives and, while all trans people do not necessarily identify
Working Mother has named me "Working Mother of the Year." In fact, this is the first time a transgender woman has been chosen to receive the magazine's prestigious award. Remarkable, isn't it? Actually, it's not. I'm just like any other mom. What is remarkable is the staggering inequality we working mothers face.
Transition isn't limited to the trans person -- parents experience a transition as well. Our transition was trying to construct a new understanding of how the person we had known to be our daughter could now be our son.
Michelson and HuffPost Gay Voices were honored for their work helping to bring visibility to LGBT families. Each Friday, Gay
Until people are willing to love a transgender person as a family member, we will still be visited by the same Ghosts of Christmas past every year. We will still be plagued by all the statistical ills that seem to define the transgender community.
She discussed her experiences growing up with a father who came out to her as a transgender woman, Trisha, when Shattuck
Blogging for LGBT Families Day sits almost exactly between Mother's Day and Father's Day, honoring both parenting titles but recognizing that not all families fit neatly into those two observances. There's a big spectrum out there.
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With Mothers Day 2013 approaching, the California-based nonprofit Forward Together has created a series of ecards that reflect the diversity of motherhood and parenting, a gesture that traditional Mother's Day cards have woefully ignored. Check out a slideshow of the beautiful cards.
Beatie, who has given birth to three children since then, recently announced plans to appeal after his marriage was declared
Jazz, a 12-year-old transgender girl, spoke to HuffPost Live about her desire to become a mother in the future. "I want to
With little sleep and lots of self-doubt, I have been trying to collect my thoughts on parenting and the many changes this little person has brought to my life in the five months since we met. In so many ways, being a parent reminds me of being trans.
He cared for me and my sister every day while my mom was at work. He encouraged us to be assertive and fearless tree climbers and communicators. And he taught us to be open-minded and accepting of others, because Dad was also transgender.
I am able to be pregnant because I am transgender. Because my surgery removed most of my breast tissue, I don't know how much I'll be able to breastfeed, but I really want to try.
The National Center for Transgender Equality estimates there are some one to three million transgender people living in America