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MTV will premiere a new episode of their "True Life" series tonight that focuses on the lives and experiences of individuals
I was 63-years-old and never could say the word out loud. I was afraid that if I dared to utter it -- if the word actually formed and left my lips, it would make it true -- and then -- my life would be over.
A family can be formed in an infinite number of ways. The special focused primarily on their role as parents and the ways
Below, meet four other inspiring parents who are living in their truth and raising children post-transition. MacDonald's
Working Mother has named me "Working Mother of the Year." In fact, this is the first time a transgender woman has been chosen to receive the magazine's prestigious award. Remarkable, isn't it? Actually, it's not. I'm just like any other mom. What is remarkable is the staggering inequality we working mothers face.
Transition isn't limited to the trans person -- parents experience a transition as well. Our transition was trying to construct a new understanding of how the person we had known to be our daughter could now be our son.
RaiseAChild.US campaigns welcome and support prospective LGBT parents while putting images of LGBT families into public spaces
Until people are willing to love a transgender person as a family member, we will still be visited by the same Ghosts of Christmas past every year. We will still be plagued by all the statistical ills that seem to define the transgender community.
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Blogging for LGBT Families Day sits almost exactly between Mother's Day and Father's Day, honoring both parenting titles but recognizing that not all families fit neatly into those two observances. There's a big spectrum out there.