transgender representation

What we're observing is not a deep, enduring will to improve transgender lives -- it's the grasping of marketers and executives to ride the wave of trans visibility and monetize our struggles.
Howard said he's "blown away" by Jeffrey Tambour's performance in "Transparent."
I have to disagree with Mitch Kellaway's decision to stop blogging on Gay Voices. I'm sure he feels that it's the right decision for him personally, and I respect his choice and his reasoning. But rather than remove myself from the conversation by withdrawing as a blogger, I believe the opposite is called for.
As discussion surrounding transgender issues shifts into a mainstream dialogue, prominent news anchors and outlets have caught
Actress Laverne Cox joins HuffPost Live to discuss transphobia in places like LOGO.
To my transgender brothers and sisters reading this, we have to stop thinking that any representation of us in the media is better than none. We need more than a line in a Lady Gaga song and a jitterbugging child of a gay icon.
Those who saw Ed Shultz's segment and took it as accurate and representative of the reality of transgender lives would likely be led to believe that all transgender people are gay, that being transgender is just another form of homosexuality.
As a reporter, I hope that new media will grow to encompass transgender and gender-variant expressions as varied as my own. Awareness of trans issues is expanding, and we deserve expansive news sources, too.