transgender teen

Arianna, 17, says that when she was in sixth grade, she learned the meaning of transgender and says she could relate. Three
Lily, 16, says she came out to her parents as transgender when she was in the sixth grade at age 12. “When I was younger
A Virginia town is divided after a transgender teen’s bid to use the boys bathroom was denied by a federal judge.
As I look back on my life full of obstacles, I vividly remember the moments of overcoming them instead of the strife they caused. I hope as my son grows he will feel the same. The moment of pride and joy received when achieving a goal especially when others doubted your success can never be duplicated.
I've been asked many times before if I fear that my son will "change his mind." What if he "decides he wants to be a girl again"? What if I made a mistake by allowing him to transition at such a young age? I know that without walking a mile in my shoes, it's hard to understand. So let's pretend my child wasn't born to be transgender.
It was a weekday afternoon and things were pretty quiet in our house. I was tidying up with the beats of my cleaning music in the background when I glanced out of the window and saw a police car parked in our driveway.
"This crazy man got on the train and he.. was at my friend like, 'you're ugly.. are you a man?'" one of the teen's friends
Heading off to debate camp, it did not really occur to me to worry about my safety as a transgender teenager staying in the dorms of a New England University for five weeks. But on the second day, my roommate said the unthinkable.
Campbell is not the first transgender girl to be named homecoming queen of an educational institution. In 2009, Jessee Vasold