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August 21, 2008: Comments on the Virginia State Corporation Commission's Proposed Service Quality Rules for Traditional Landline
"Mr. Eisenach, in a brief interview, said he had not worked recently on issues related to net neutrality. But his consulting
The announcement comes as Clinton gains momentum in the polls against Donald Trump, whose campaign has struggled after a string of controversial remarks.
Instead of giving us change and hope, biotech "Yes Men" on Obama's team may prolong the hypnotic "group think" that has been institutionalized over three previous administrations.
The downside to letting Rubin slip quietly from his role at Citigroup is that he leaves with enough of his reputation intact that he still holds some sway in Washington.
Happy New Year 2009!    Senate Democrats I've really got three weeks to cover, since we're returning from our annual "McLaughlin
"If Obama were president right now, he would be able to go out and talk about [current crises]," said Myers. "In the end
On several occasions, the Obama team was pressed to define the president-elect's position on a paramount issue to Jewish
There appears to be a significant disconnect between President-elect Obama's campaign promises to American small businesses and the actual policies he is proposing.
This blog post has not been written by Steven Clemons. It is written by someone who really does deserve a very top spot in Obama Land but is sitting pensively waiting for a call while trying to pretend he/she is not.Ste