French President Emmanuel Macron complimented the Australian Prime Minister's wife Lucy Turnbull by calling her “delicious.” While the gaffe was the result of mistranslation, many believed it was a cheeky reference to a previous remark made by President Trump about Macron’s own wife, Brigitte.
The job of language translators and interpreters is never easy, but the task becomes especially dicey in the realm of politics
The requirement also may save money by making it less likely that non-English speakers will be readmitted to the hospital
Catherine Hammond's translation from the Spanish of Olvido García Valdés' collection And We Were All Alive/Y todos estábamos vivos, 2007 winner of Spain's National Poetry Prize, is forthcoming from Cardboard House Press. Her volume of selected poems by Mexican poet, Carmen Boullosa, was a finalist in Drunken Boat's book contest in 2015. Her MFA in creative writing comes from Arizona State University.
Roger Sedarat is a 2015 recipient of the Willis Barnstone Translation Prize and a nominee for the Pushcart Prize in translation. The author of three poetry collections, his translations of classical and modern Persian literature have appeared or are forthcoming in Poetry, Guernica, Brooklyn Rail, and World Literature Today.
LK: You traveled extensively throughout Lithuania's provinces and cities collecting oral histories, which resulted in the
You are not alone. The fact is that, regardless of where you may have felt connected along the evolution of the tenets of
We would talk about the best plein air places to go skinny dipping off Crimea's rocky coastline. The locus of a clash of
The universe built by G.R.R. Martin is not just a beautiful, haunting story, but also a real minefield for translators all
For me, the story of Noah's Ark is a beautiful metaphor for what happens when it seems like it's the end of the world, and
Cole Swensen is a poet with fifteen books out, most based in research and many ekphrastic. She also translates contemporary French poetry, experimental prose, and art criticism.
>Europe's second largest economy offers a number of opportunities. The key to a good relationship with French partners involves having a clear understanding of French culture and etiquette, which are distinctly different from those in the U.S.
Let's look for pleasure in adversity. We have no good of which we are assured; Yet, in misfortune we can hope, assured That
In these Xenophobic times, we should recognize that Razing Babel was a blessing not a curse. The punishment of imprisonment within a single, narrow tongue proves much, much worse than the inconvenience of dealing with others who don't speak our native language. Here's why:
But notice how right here at the outset of the Bible, whoever came up with Genesis One made perfectly clear that God is neither
Read the full essay on the Poetry Foundation website. As a child I lived with a reproduction of an image of Sandro Botticelli's
By Jennifer Scappettone In 2014, after fourteen years of reading, researching, and translating the poetry of the polyglot
With HB 2, Pat McCrory fleeces every worker of employment protections including the right to sue in state court for discrimination based on "race, religion, color, national origin, age, sex or handicap."