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The U.S. hit a new low on Transparency International’s 2020 Corruption Perceptions Index amid a steady decline under the presidency of Donald Trump.
An age-old tactic Targeting funding is becoming an increasingly widely used tactic to restrict civil society. The International
Why, many ask, are people, especially young people, are attracted by what seem cruel ideologies and unrealistic ideas? Studies
*Daniel Wagner is CEO of Country Risk Solutions and co-author of "Global Risk Agility and Decision Making". Clifford Drake
Things must be pretty bad if a man who endorses and participates in vigilante-style justice and summary executions led by death squads is overwhelmingly elected by the people to do so on a national level.
The evidence from the U.S. is telling: according to Zucman, since the 1950s the effective rate of corporate tax has decreased
It is ironic that the first country to enforce the latest UN sanctions against North Korea by impounding a cargo vessel is the Philippines.
A new survey also finds that FIFA's corruption scandal has dampened enthusiasm for the sport.
Martin Luther King Jr.'s life and teachings are an inspiration for anyone who fights for social justice. Shaun Casey, a theologian and savvy political analyst, serves as the first Special Representative for Religion and Global Affairs in the US State Department.
The need for honest politicians serving the public's interests is at the core of the American system of democracy. Nevertheless, in the U.S., as in every country, politics and corruption too often go hand-in-hand.