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The social media giant removed billions of fake accounts this year, but still faces criticism over its role in the 2020 presidential election.
Verizon received 320,000 U.S. law enforcement requests for customer names, phone call records, text messages, and other kinds of customer data in 2013, the company revealed in a report released Wednesday.
Phone carriers had long resisted efforts to release such transparency reports, which privacy-minded internet companies have
"We would welcome the opportunity to provide a transparency report that allows us to share with those who use Facebook around
The FBI’s "top priority" in 2013 is to modernize surveillance law so authorities can monitor in real time the Web activities of Americans suspected of committing crimes, the FBI’s general counsel said.
"We're making the ability to intercept communications with a court order increasingly obsolete," he said. "Those communications
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We sometimes assume that our bank records, our telephone conversations, our Tweets and our Facebook postings are only shared with our permission to our circle of friends and followers. Not so.
Between January and June 2011 Google received 15,640 requests for user information from countries around the globe. The search
See who else topped the list of countries requesting the most information from Google between January 2010 and July 2010