"White Sugar, Brown Sugar," blogger Rachel Garlinghouse has taken an active role ensuring her three black children are able
The fourth of July is upon us, a holiday that signifies a meaningful moment in U.S. history, a date that marks our official independence as a nation. Over time, freedom and independence have come to take on very deep meaning for me as a transracially adopted person.
Dolezal's white-to-black "passing" is the complication of both white guilt and white rage in an era of Affirmative Action.
Comedians Kelley Lynn and Juliet Jeske's take on Rachel Dolezal.
The only thing transracial and transgender have in common is their prefix.
All that I do and all that I am is wrapped up in two men; one gave me life and the other raised me. I simply would not exist without one and can't imagine my life without the other.
The Dolezal incident isn't about her, it's about a society that clings to that racial line.
More than whether or not we believe someone can be transracial, the heart of the argument comes down to our intentions. These